Our Services

Software Solutions

We are qualified Microsoft business partners and we provide Microsoft office products and support. We provide the hardware and software support you need to continue on with your work day. We work with software providers to keep your system up to date and working quickly with the latest features.

Specializing in providing efficient analysis, answers and results when it comes to your IT related troubleshooting matters.



We build networks to be solid and reliable, so you don’t have to worry about it.

We customize networking solutions for your businesses budget, allowing any device in any location to communicate with its intended destination as fast as possible.

If a problem does occur, Net Solutions has a team dedicated to resolving network issues in a fast and an efficient manner.

Support & Management

Net Solutions has a strong support system where we work closely with our small to medium business clients. We provide solutions to any bumps or mishaps that may arise and are able to resolve these problems with remote support and on-site support.

We offer maintenance contracts for your on premise server and/or cloud- based server, to ensure that we are on top of any potential problems that may occur, allowing us to manage these and avoid interruptions within IT for you.


On premise server

One of the benefits of having an on premise server is that it is much quicker and easier to physically access the hardware you own in any sort of critical event.

If your business has or needs an on premise server, Net Solutions provides support with running monthly remote and on-site maintenance checks of your server. This is to ensure that any potential problems that may arises are dealt with efficiently and most importantly can be avoided.

Maintenance checks ensure that:

  • Your server keeps running at an optimal performance level
  • The reliability of the server is maintained
  • The latest anti-virus updates are scanning your system
  • We can diagnose and catch potential issues within the network
  • Reducing the risk of crashes and downtime
  • Your backup is running successfully

Through a maintenance plan Net solutions is able to keep on top of all these to ultimately at the end of the day ensure that your business runs efficiently and smoothly.


Cloud Services

We offer setup and support for Cloud services, and can help transition from your on premise server, providing a hybrid of both, to meet the certain needs of your business.

The cloud allows you to focus on the running of your business whilst we and your cloud provider maintain your IT needs. It is a flexible way to prepare for your business growth and Net Solutions will provide a cost efficient way in which to do so.

Cloud-based services are available for users to access their content on demand through the internet, using the cloud can increase flexibility and allow your staff to access the information they require from any device anywhere in the world, quickly and easily.

However, cloud based services are not best suited to all businesses, which is why Net Solutions believes on working closely with you the client to come up with a solution that works best for your business.



Net Solutions can give you recommendations on what hardware devices you need that will best suit your office or working from home needs.

We provide on-site installation of hardware for you and ensure it all runs seamlessly. The delivery of hardware such as monitors, desktops, servers, laptops and more is available from us.


Cyber Security

Cyber security is very important for a business to keep in mind as it is there to protect your network, data, programs and devices from attack and unauthorized access.

We work with cutting edge cyber security companies to ensure that threats are minimized and if an attack does occur we can act quickly and recover any data that was lost.